Cool Dog, Happy Dog!

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Cool Dog, Happy Dog!


Summer is here and that can only mean loads of fun, beach time, swimming, summer dresses, ice cream, taking a trip and what not, right? Well, that’s not all there is to it. Summer also brings heatwaves, heat strokes, sunburns, laziness, etc. And just like us, our pets are also impacted by the brutal heat that summer brings. It is important to understand that hot temperatures can be dangerous for our pets too. Let’s dive into ways we can keep our pets safe and hydrated but also allow them to soak in the fun side of summer.

1.  Minimize exposure to the sun

    Staying indoors is one of the primary ways to avoid heat stroke. It allows your furry friend to stay comfortable and safe. Therein lies the conundrum, how do we manage their daily walks? It’s best to step out for walks early in the morning or late in the evening so that your pet is not exposed to too much sun. If you do need to step out during the day, try to walk in shaded lanes that have enough trees to provide protection to both of you.               

    2.  Summer grooming

      Grooming your dog in the summer helps to make him more comfortable. Bathe him with an anti-tick shampoo to avoid ticks or fleas which could cause itches, rashes or sunburns. Visit a groomer to give him a neat summer trim. Some dogs have bushy furs which causes them discomfort in the summer. For some breeds, be careful to only trim the fur but not shave it off completely as fur provides the dog protection against sunburns.

      3.  Hydration

      Hydration in the summer is vital for everyone, including your dog. Ensure an adequate amount of water is provided to your pet so he can stay hydrated. If you absolutely have to step out of the house, leaving your pet home alone, make sure he has easy access to sufficient amounts of water. Providing water to your pet outside the house is also essential. This is where travel friendly pet water bottles come to aid. These portable travel-friendly bottles help you keep your pet hydrated at all times, no matter where you go.

      4.  Summer friendly products

        Several products are created keeping in mind the scorching heat of summer. These products offer comfort and are safe to use. For example-

        • Cooling pads help your dog to beat the summer heat and stay comfortable. These pressure-activated cooling pads provide a satisfying and chilling comfort to your dog. It’s a perfect solution for the scorching heat your dog is feeling in the summer. This self-cooling pad works without water, electricity or refrigeration. The pad is cool when you touch it and offers the perfect coolness that your dog is longing for. A cooling pad is lightweight and folds easily which makes it ideal for travel.
        • Electrolyte supplement is also an option you can use to keep your dog hydrated. It gives your dog the necessary nourishment and prevents him from getting dehydrated. Please consult your vet to understand if your pet needs this supplement. 
        • Even though cooling pads provide some relief from the heat, ice cream is a cool and satisfying treat to beat the heat. The wonderful combination of the taste and cold texture gives your dog a delightful treat and also helps fight off the heatwave. Don’t worry, these ice-creams are made with ingredients that are safe for doggie consumption. 
        • Now you can enjoy a chilled mug of beer with your best friend, thanks for pet-safe non-alcoholic beer brewed especially for dogs. This refreshing drink helps keep your pet hydrated, making it a perfect drink for summer.  

        You can easily enjoy summer with your pets provided that you put in extra efforts to ensure both you and your pet stay safe and comfortable. Love, attention and care from you is what will provide him the energy to fight off this summer heat. Only you, as a pet parent, can provide him with the correct means to beat the heat and enjoy the summer blissfully.

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