Special Desserts For Your Furry Valentine

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Special Desserts For Your Furry Valentine


Valentine's Day is the day you celebrate with your loved ones where you show them how much you love them and what they mean to you. It is a day to celebrate love and that love can come in any form, even your furry best friend. We know you love your doggy but to show them how much you love them, you can use Valentine’s day to give them extra special attention. To make it a special day, we thought of something dogs love the most(besides you) and we think we have an answer! Dogs love treats and what better way to treat your dog than with some treats, right? We have some special ways you can use treats as desserts for your furry valentine. Read on to find out….

Special Desserts For Your Furry Valentine

  • Frozen yogurt: The pre-summer heat in India can be almost as hot as the actual summer days and Valentine’s day comes just during the pre-summer days. This gives you the opportunity to serve your dog a special treat for this Valentine’s day i.e. flavorful frozen yogurt. Frozen yogurt comes in a variety of flavors- banana, mango, honey, carrot to name a few and all you have to do is serve your dog with his favorite one. This would make your doggo’s day as well as give him the energy to take on the coming heat.

  • Homemade cookies and biscuits: Since it’s Valentine’s day, what would convey your love more than some delicious homemade cookies and biscuits. All you need are some dog-friendly ingredients such as oat flour, peanut butter, bananas, pumpkin, etc. Not to forget the special ingredient which would of course be the love you put in them. To make it appropriate to the theme, you can use heart-shaped cutters to shape your cookies/biscuits into hearts.

  • Pupcakes: Celebration is incomplete without cake, in this case “pupcakes” and you can give your dog cakes that are delicious to their palettes. You can either get pupcake mix from pet shops or make your own recipes with dog-friendly ingredients. We recommend the latter because giving it your own touch would make it more loving, perfect for Valentines day. You can use peanut butter as frosting or use cut up fruits as toppings. Either way, it will look amazing to your furry friend.

  • Smoothie: Sometimes smooth, creamy and delicious smoothies are the way to go when you want to give your dog a special dessert. Not only would it be highly nutritious but super delightful and mouth-watering. All you have to do is blend some fruits together such as pumpkin, bananas, cranberries, apples(apple sauce),etc with either yogurt or goat/almond milk. You can also stick to one specific fruit and make a single-fruit smoothie. 

  • Pupsicles/Ice-cream: Cool, flavorful, delicious and perfect for summer-this is how one would describe ice-cream and pupsicles, and we are sure your dog (and his mouth) would agree. Doggy ice-creams come in several appetizing flavors such as banana, mango, guava, apple, pina colada, coconut, etc and they are all available to buy at any major pet store. Pupsicles, on the other hand, can be prepared at home since it’s quite simple. All you need is your pup’s favorite fruit or any delicious fruit, chop them, freeze them, blend them with yogurt or almond milk and freeze them again. To make it into a proper pupsicle, you will need appropriate popsicle molds, add the blended fruit mix inside the mold and then freeze them. You can even make fruit puree rather than freezing the chopped fruits and then freeze the puree instead.

  • It’s important to show your loved ones just how much they mean to you and if that means pampering them with gifts and attention, so be it. Your furbaby, in particular, deserves all of the attention you shower them with, and Valentine’s day gives you the perfect opportunity to do so. The above confections are a special way to sweeten this day, however, besides special desserts, there are a lot of different ways you can convey your love to them. So prepare something unique and treat your doggo to an entire day of fun that includes lots of great food.

    Happy Valentine’s day!


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